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Cancers are notorious for developing ways to suppress, evade and attack the body’s natural defense systems, rendering many therapies ineffective. Unum Therapeutics is focused on developing cures for patients with solid tumors through cell therapy approaches designed to improve the body’s immune response to cancer.


ACTR and BOXR Technologies Designed to Improve T Cell Targeting and Functionality

Unum scientists have engineered our ACTR and BOXR platform technologies to improve the functionality of T cells and more effectively target and kill cancer cells. Our Antibody-Coupled T cell Receptor (ACTR) therapies are autologous engineered T-cell therapies designed to direct and amplify T cell response. Unum’s Bolt-On Chimeric Receptor (BOXR) technology is designed to incorporate new “bolt-on” transgenes with ACTR or other immunotherapy approaches to enhance T cell function in the solid tumor microenvironment.

Passion for Purpose

We come to work each day driven by the patients we serve and the opportunity to deliver novel cell therapies to cure cancer.

Focused Therapies, Focused Plan

Unum’s drug development strategy includes optimizing our ACTR and BOXR platforms and product candidates to expand cell therapy treatment to more patients with solid tumors.