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Delivering novel cell therapies to cure cancer

Our Mission and Vision

For too long, people have lived with the fear and uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis, creating a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. We at Unum know that the only course of action, the only way to eliminate the fear and uncertainty of cancer is to transform the treatment paradigm. Our team comes to work each day driven by that opportunity and a sense of urgency to deliver novel cell therapies to cure cancer and provide new hope to patients and their families.

Unum Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing curative cell therapies to treat a broad range of cancer patients. Unum’s novel proprietary technologies include Antibody-Coupled T cell Receptor (ACTR), an autologous engineered T-cell therapy that combines the cell-killing ability of T cells and the tumor-targeting ability of co-administered antibodies to exert potent antitumor immune responses, and Bolt-On Chimeric Receptor (BOXR), designed to improve the functionality of engineered T cells by incorporating a “bolt-on” transgene to overcome resistance of the solid tumor microenvironment to T cell attack. Unum has multiple programs in Phase 1 clinical testing and preclinical testing, including; ACTR707 used in combination with trastuzumab in adult patients with HER2+ advanced cancer and used in combination with rituximab in adult patients with r/r NHL; and BOXR1030 expressing the GOT2 transgene and targeting GPC3+ solid tumor cancers.

Unum’s BOXR1030, the first preclinical product candidate to emerge from the BOXR platform, is composed of a GPC3 targeted CAR and a “bolt-on” enzyme called glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase 2 (GOT2) that aims to improve T cell function in the solid tumor microenvironment through enhanced metabolism. GOT2 plays a central metabolic role by linking multiple pathways involved in biosynthesis and cellular energy production.

Unum Therapeutics is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.

Cell Therapies Designed for Impact

Advancements in cancer therapies are helping to prolong the lives of patients, yet many cancers, especially solid tumors, remain out of reach. Unum’s new platform technologies, Antibody-Coupled T Cell Receptor (ACTR) and Bolt-On Chimeric Receptor (BOXR), engineer a patient’s own T cells to 1) activate specifically against tumor antigens while preventing attacks on healthy cells; and 2) overcome immunosuppression in the solid tumor microenvironment that would otherwise prevent T cells from functioning.