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Antibody-Coupled T Cell Receptor

ACTR, or Antibody-Coupled T Cell Receptor, was initially discovered by Dr. Dario Campana, one of the early pioneers in CAR T-cell therapy. Unum has turned Dario’s discovery into a therapeutic platform, making it possible to use a cancer patient’s genetically engineered T cells to attack their cancer. ACTR is unique because it connects the cancer cell-killing ability of T cells with the tumor-targeting ability of co-administered antibodies. ACTR therapies are designed to be highly selective, persistent, and controllable.

ACTRs are engineered from immune cell receptor components to direct and amplify T cell response:



The CD16 extracellular domain of a natural killer (NK) Fc receptor (the receptor normally expressed on natural killer cells allowing them to recognize antibodies) allows ACTR T cells to detect and engage tumor-targeting antibodies, homing in on cancer cells.



Once engaged, the receptor and antibody work to stimulate T cell activation, stimulating tumor cell killing while promoting T cell survival and persistence against cancer cells.


ACTR therapies are designed to activate only against tumor cells that express high levels of tumor antigens and to reduce toxicity related to off-target effects.