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May 09, 2017


Unum Therapeutics to Present Data on its Antibody-Coupled T Cell Receptor (ACTR) Platform at the Upcoming Annual Meeting of the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT)

CAMBRIDGE, MA, May 09, 2017 - Unum Therapeuticsa clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a universal cellular immunotherapy to treat multiple cancers, today announced that the Company has been selected to deliver two presentations on its Antibody-Coupled T cell Receptor (ACTR) platform at the 2017 ASGCT Annual Meeting, which is being held in Washington DC, May 10-13, 2017. The oral presentation will describe a systematic Design of Experiments approach to identify manufacturing processes for T cell products exhibiting persistent activity and reduced propensity for exhaustion. The poster presentation will provide data exploring the activity landscape of ACTR, identifying variants with optimized function for use in challenging therapeutic environments.

Oral Presentation:


Building A Better T-Cell: T Cell Process Development by Multifactorial Design of Experiments Approach and High Throughput Automated Functional Assays


Date & Time: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 – 4:00PM Eastern Time
Session: Oral Abstract Session II - Engineering and Manufacturing Vectors and Cells I
Abstract Number: 85
Location: Room Virginia ABC
Presenter: Geoff Hodge, Chief Technical Officer Unum Therapeutics Inc.

Poster Presentation:

Exploring the Activity Landscape of Antibody-Coupled T-Cell Receptors

Date & Time: Friday, May 12, 2017 - 5:45-7:45PM Eastern Time
Session: Cancer-Targeted Gene and Cell Therapy II
Abstract Number: 603
Location: Exhibit Hall A & B South
Presenter: Kathleen McGinness, PhD, Director, Platform Technologies, Unum Therapeutics Inc.


The poster will be posted on Unum’s website following the presentations.

About Antibody-Coupled T cell Receptor (ACTR) Technology

Unum’s proprietary ACTR is a chimeric protein that combines components from receptors normally found on two different human immune cell types – natural killer (NK) cells and T cells – to create a novel approach to cancer cell killing. T cells bearing the ACTR receptor protein can be directed to attack a tumor by combining with a monoclonal antibody that binds antigens on the cancer cell surface.

In contrast to other T cell therapy approaches for cancer that are limited to a single cancer cell surface target and, therefore, treat a narrow set of tumors, Unum’s approach is not restricted by a specific tumor cell antigen and, thus, may have applications for treating many different types of cancers when combined with the right antibody.

Unum is developing ACTR in combination with a range of tumor-targeting antibodies for use in both hematologic and solid tumor indications. ACTR087, Unum’s most advanced product candidate, combines Unum’s proprietary ACTR with rituximab, an anti-CD20 antibody. The ACTR087 study is the first clinical trial using a viral vector to permanently insert the ACTR gene into the genome of patients’ T cells.

About Unum Therapeutics

Unum Therapeutics uses its proprietary Antibody-Coupled T cell Receptor (ACTR) technology in combination with tumor-targeting antibodies, which is designed to activate the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. Unum is actively building a pipeline of ACTR programs in which proprietary, tumor-targeting antibodies are armed to improve their therapeutic potential. The Company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit www.unumrx.com/.



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